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Cameron Porter
Artist, Animator and Illustrator
cameronporter at yahoo dot com

Feb 2011-Nov 2012: Big Jump Productions; Flash and Toonboom Animation
Feb 2010-Mar 2010: Elliott Animation; Flash Layout
Dec 2009-Feb 2010: 9 Story Entertainment; Flash Layout
Oct 2009-Dec 2009: Cuppa Coffee Animation; Flash Layout and Animation
Jul 2006-May 2009: Film Roman; Layout and Location Design
Apr 2006-Jul 2006: Animax Entertainment; Flash Animation
Feb 2006-Apr 2006: Atlus USA; Game Tester
Jun 2004-Aug 2005: Trapeze Animation; Flash Layout and Animation
Jul 1999-Feb 2004: Helix Animation; Layout, Design, Inbetweens, Clean-up
May 1997-Jul 1999: Adner Animation; Design, Layout, Modelling, Animation
Apr 1999-May 1999: Blink Digital Productions; Design, Web Site Development
Jun 1998-Aug 1998: Renaissance Interactive; Technical Supervisor
Jul 1995-Mar 1996: New Edge Technologies; Web Site Development

Sep 2013-Apr 2016: University of South Carolina; B. A.
Sep 1997-Jan 1998: Adner Animation; Classical Animation Training Program
Sep 1991-Jun 1994: Kingstec Community College; Banking & Computer Programming

Credit List:
The Magic Hockey Skates: TV Special; Toonboom Animation
Brickleberry: TV Series; Toonboom Animation
Ugly Americans, Seasons 1-2: TV Series; Flash Layout and Animation
Jimmy Two-Shoes: TV Series; Flash Layout
Almost Naked Animals: TV Series; Flash Layout
The Simpsons, Seasons 18-21: TV Series; Background Layout
The Simpsons Movie: Feature Film; Layout
Off Mikes: Web Series; Flash Animation
Metal Saga: Video Game; Game Tester
My Scene: TV Series; Design, Flash Layout and Animation
English for Vietnam: TV Series; Flash Layout and Animation
King: TV Series; Layout
AIDS Public Service Announcements:TV Commercials; Layout
Toad Patrol: TV Series; Layout
The Undergrads: TV Series; Layout
Robo Roach: TV Series; Layout
Watership Down: TV Series; Layout
Street Kids International: Speed's Choice: TV Special; Layout
For Better or For Worse: TV Series; Layout
Children of Chelm: TV Special; Layout
CWF: Start Something Wild: TV Commercial; Inbetweens, Clean-up
Freaky Stories: TV Series; Design, Layout
Rainbow Fish: TV Series; Layout
Over The Top Sports: TV Pilot; Layout, Animation, Inbetweens, Clean-up
Must Dash: Short Film; Layout, Animation, Clean-up
1999 Atlantic Film Fest sponsor roll: Animation, Clean-up
1997 Atlantic Film Fest sponsor roll: 3D Modelling, 3D Animation
Politoons: TV Shorts; Inbetweens, Clean-up

Home Animation Layout/Illustration Paintings Tees/Prints